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Robert Blair, Thomas Deegan, Jeremy Lowe, Peter Ostrowski, Don Bailey, Stephen Duane Curry 
(in private capacity by special appearance only) 



: 99-9920 




(Cheney, Brennan et. all with prejudice) 


Hon. Jim Hardesty, 
December 22, 2017 

The alarming allegations in relation to the purported black-op attacks of 

SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 (9/11) are enough to warrant yet another superseding 

indictment concerning only those events. In the wider context of this 

issue, each of the accused parties including RICHARD CHENEY and BRENT 

SNOWCROFT will face the death penalty. Others who have already passed 

on, are likewise named for military authorities to recognize every part 

they played in this modern atrocity. Accordingly, offenses will be directly 

against RICHARD CHENEY, GEORGE W. BUSH and JOHN BRENNAN in their public 

and private capacities rather than only public for all venues, [latin for commerce.] 

The wider context this had with regard to URANIUM ONE is also explored. 

Your honor, with treason only a "use of force" need be proven. As duly noticed on record
 when it comes to violating 18 U.S.C § 2381: 

(See United States v. Castleman, et al., Pp. 4-10 (b) (Supreme Court )“common-law concept of "force"
 encompasses even its indirect application, making it impossible to cause 
bodily injury without applying force in the common-law sense. Second, the knowing or intentional 
application of force is a "use" of force. Leocal v. Ashcroft, 543 U. S. 1, distinguished. 

Pp. 10-13" 

Your honors are to note again, when it comes to a crime of treason we need 
only prove there is sufficient probable cause to warrant the suspicion. 

The overwhelming amount of photos, military testimony and video will easily 
surpass that threshold without further delay as we submit to court. 

- 1 - 

Certainly, they have done absolutely nothing to avail themselves of obvious 
accountability for the crime of treason and those life-changing repercussions. 
That is to say, we assert your honors that defendant CHENEY, BUSH, BRENNAN and 
now CLINTON each violated 18 U.S.C. § 2381 more than eight separate times on official 
record. In addition, they broke federal conspiracy law on ten instances. 

Thereby in the first instance, we charge offenders CHENEY, RICE, GEORGE W. BUSH, 

and GEORGE SOROS (et. al) with violating 18 U.S.C § 2381 which is the crime of treason. 

As such, they will each be given a swift military trial and sentenced under 
Article 50 for acts of treason during war time. 


America has by now heard of the September 11 th Black-Op attacks on the 
united states that took place in 2001. Yet what they didn't know is the 
level of culpability of the conspirators involved, and the exact names 
of the perpetrators of these attacks. These attacks were a heinous war 
crime carried out on American shores by rogue intel agencies tied to 
ISRAEL but also nations like SAUDI ARABIA. And to date, they are an 
absolute dark stain on American history. In order for the nation to move 
forward, it is now mandatory that this dark chapter be re-opened. All of 
those responsible as you note your honors; must be brought to justice. 

After of which it is time disclose the profoundly hideous role SAUDI 
ARABIA played in these attacks as well as the role of ISRAELI intelligence 
in assisting the SAUDI agents of influence to pull them off. In so doing, 
it will put a close to an undoubtedly dark period of America's past misdeeds. 

- 2 - 

We can of course prove that RICHARD CHENEY, PETER MUNK and PAUL WOLFOWITZ all 

knew about this crime of treason as did JOHN KERRY and BARACK OBAMA. They didn't 
just know about it your honors, they were active agents in their execution. In 
light of this, we are officially ordering only the harshest military penalties 
against all involved. As submitted on record, we agree this was an act of treason. 

"BUSH’S ILLEGAL, COVERT SUPPORT OF AZERBAJAN In Azerbaijan, one finds a large cast of
 participants all linked through 
supporting roles in the Iran-Contra Scandal and its cover-up. These individuals are: 

• Adnan Khashoggi, whose Azerbaijan banks played a big part in the formation of terrorist
 camps and in the opening of laboratories for developing 
chemical and bacteriological weapons in Nagornyy Karabakh. 

• Richard Secord, a former U.S. Air Force major general who been helping to recruit and train
 the Azerbaijani army as well as regional secret services; 

• Richard Armitage, acting as a consultant to Halliburton and Unocal at the time, and 
President of the US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; 

• Farhad Azima, arms merchant with Iranian background, member of US-Azerbaijani Chamber 
of Commerce, assisted Richard Secord in recruiting and 
training mujahedin mercenaries, owns the Azerbaijan Airlines, and has a twenty-year relationship 
with the Bush family enterprise; 

• Khalid bin Mahfouz, owner, with the bin Laden family and members of the Saudi royal family of 
the Saudi companies Delta Oil and Nimir Oil. Both are 
partners with Unocal in Azerbaijan. 

• Dick Cheney, as CEO of Halliburton, lobbyist for the Azerbaijan International Operating Company,
 on US-Azerbaijani Chamber of Commerce; 

David Kimche, Israeli Mossad agent who brought Israeli agents into Azerbaijan at the request of 
and worked with Secord and the regional secret 
service organizations. The interplay of Barrick and the bank and oil cartels crisscross in a 
manner that 
strongly suggests ongoing partnership rather than 
coincidence. There are three pieces of evidence that identify a linkage between the
of Barrick, the oil cartel, and the German bank 
cartel. This report finds the individuals involved in planning, executing, and covering
 the WTC attack to 
be the same as those involved in Barrick 
and covert oil operations in Central Asia.The Houston office building that housed both 
Enron and Halliburton 
corporate headquarters was owned 

by Trizec Hahn . As earlier discussed, Trizec Hahn was a merger of Peter Munk’s (Barrick Gold)
 and the Canadian 
Bronfman family. The CEO’s of both 
companies, Kenneth Lay and Dick Cheney, are close associates of the Bush family, whose
 relationship to the founder
 of Barrick- Adnan Khashoggi 
- are extensive and stretched over at least two decades. 

1. Barrick is also directly linked to UBS and the German bank cartel, through use of its 
subsidiary gold refinery:
 Argor-Heraeus S.A. Owership of this refinery was 
transferred from UBS to Commerzbank, also part of the German bank cartel in 1999. 

2. Barrick is linked closely to the banking cartel through, one of the most longstanding 
members of the Advisory Board
 - Karl Otto Pohl, former President of the 
German central bank (Bundesbank) and chief officer of the International Bank of Settlements
 and IMF. Also on the Barrick
 Board was former Canadian Deutsche 
Bank executive Tye W. Burt - the former Chairman of Deutsche Bank Canada and Deutsche Bank
 Alex Brown Securities Canada, 
and Managing Director and Head 
of Deutsche Bank’s Global Metals and Mining Group. Burt was involved when the Canadian
 Deutsche Bank backed Khashoggi in
 the MJK Securities fraud. Burt left 
the bank shortly after the fraud was discovered. Note also, two of the initial big investors 
in Barrick - Khashoggi and 
Bronfman - used the same personal financial 
advisor: Mayo Shattuck of the Deutsche Bank Alex Brown. Mayo Shattuck was the chief assistant
 to Buzzy Krongard when he 
worked at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown. 
Both, through their executive roles at Deutsche Bank Alex Brown were in a position to be familiar
 with the Khashoggi/Marcos
 gold deposits at that Bank" 

Count 1] We charge PETER MUNK with breaking the offense of 
18 u.S.c § 2381 , the official offense against treason. He broke it 
six times, and for each offense we order a penalty. The 
offense carries an instant death penalty by firing squad. We 
further ask for review. [The military has options: Death by official 
Firing squad, lethal injection or life in Guantanamo bay.] 

“A general overview of the U.S. nuclear waste disposal problem and a review of the U.S. 
government’s efforts to solve 
part of the problem with a nuclear waste repository in 
Nevada and resis- tance by Nevadans to that effort, von Hippel, Frank N. “Plutonium and
 Reprocessing of Spent Nuclear 
Fuel ." Science, vol. 293, issue 5539, September 28, 
2001, pp. 2,397-2,398. A discussion of the May 2001 report of the National Energy Policy 
Development Group, chaired
 by Vice President Dick Cheney, with the con- elusion 
that serious economic and environmental issues remain to be solved. Wald, Matthew L. 
“Dismantling Nuclear Reactors.” 
Scientific American, vol. 288, no. 3, March 
2003, pp. 60-69. The decommissioning of a nuclear power plant presents a large variety of 
technical problems, environmental 
pollution being one that is not normally considered 
in adequate detail. Waltar, Alan E. “Nuclear Technology’s Numerous Uses.” Science and
 Technology, vol. 20, no. 3, Spring 2004, 
pp. 48-54. The director of nuclear energy at the 
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory reviews a number of applications of nuclear energy 
in the fields of medicine, industry,

 agriculture, and research. Whipple, C. G. “Can 
Nuclear Waste Be Stored Safely at Yucca Mountain ?” 

- 3 - 

Next we officially charge RICHARD [dick] CHENEY for his part played in nine-eleven. 

Count 1] We charge offender RICHARD CHENEY to have committed 

the offense of 18 u.S.c § 2381 eight times, in respect to the crime 

of capital treason. His involvement in the URANIUM ONE ordeal 

is now publicly revealed with PETER MUNK. He will surrender his passport. 

Sentence is public death by firing squad or life in Guantanamo. [By Military order.] 
Next we officially charge GEORGE W. BUSH for his part in nine-eleven. 

Count 1] We charge GEORGE W. BUSH to have committed the 

offense of 18 u.s.c § 2381 nine times. This is both in respect to his financial 
trades with PETER MUNK, as well as his trades with BANDAR BIN SULTAN 
and his presence at the Twin Towers where he was told in utter shock 
how it would all go down. Treason has no expiration date. He will 
surrender his passport. For sentencing there are two options: 
twenty years in a harsh super-max prison, or execution by firing 
squad. We will leave sentencing up to military personnel, who 

can flip a coin on whether it shall be prison or firing squad. [By Military decree.] 

http : // hotspots files/hotspots-compare.jpg https
 : //www.newsfollowup . com/911investigate.htm 

Next we officially charge EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. for his part in nine-eleven. 

Count 1] We charge EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. to have committed 
the offense of 18 u.s.c § 2381 eight separate times, with respect 
to his public trades through PETER MUNK, KEVIN SPACEY and 
the SOROS management fund at BARRICK GOLD NORTH AMERICA. We 

also charge that EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. orchestrated the attacks 
with the assistance of GEORGE BUSH SR. and other plaintiffs. 

As such, he will surrender his passport. He is to be executed 
by firing squad and publicly seized. [Military executes orders.] 

"The Houston office building that housed both Enron and Halliburton corporate headquarters
 was owned by Trizec Hahn . As 
earlier discussed, Trizec Hahn was a merger of Peter Munk's (Barrick Gold) and the Canadian
 Bronfman family. The CEO's of 
both companies, Kenneth Lay and Dick Cheney, are close associates of the Bush family, whose
 relationship to the founder of 
Barrick- Adnan Khashoggi - are extensive and stretched over at least two decades." 

https : // 


Next we officially charge GEORGE SOROS, for his part being the mastermind behind the attacks. 

Count l]We officially charge GEORGE SOROS of being the grand 
mastermind behind one of America's worst atrocities. Your honors 
must note that he planned, staged and executed every part of 
the cover-up as it pertains to URANIUM ONE and the nine eleven 
incident. We charge he violated 18U.S.CS2381 fifteen times. It was SOROS 
who setup new trading platforms for GEORGE BUSH SR., EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. 
and the Saudis to work with PETER MUNK who was financing the core 
axis of these attacks. SOROS publicly and proudly committed capital 
treason on record, an offense that carries the highest afforded death 
penalty sanctions. His passport is now seized. We order that GEORGE 
SOROS be executed twice by firing squad before a live television audience. 

[Military can decide the best methods so it is never forgotten.] 

Next we officially charge GEORGE H.W. BUSH for his part in orchestrating nine-eleven. 

Count 1] We charge GEORGE H.W. BUSH violated 18U.S.C§2381 eight times. 

He officially played a role as orchestrator with EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. 
and BANDAR BIN SULTAN, carrying out acts he knew were sedition. 

He openly traded with PETER MUNK and BANDAR BIN SULTAN on many 
platforms, leading to the day of the attacks. He orchestrated the 
exact timing of the attacks, by getting everyone out of the WTC 
before any explosions began. He openly planned the setup and 
location of the attacks dragging his ignorant son along for the ride. 
Most significantly, with the aid of BARRICK GOLD he covered up 
all the financial trades to enable nine-eleven. His passport is 
now seized. We order offender GEORGE H.W. BUSH be executed by firing 
squad under the laws of war. [Military will explore each option.] 

Next we officially charge BANDAR BIN SULTAN for his part in orchestrating nine eleven. 

Count 1] We charge BANDAR BIN SULTAN has broken 18 U.S.C§ 2381 eight 
separate times with his act of treason regarding nine eleven. He played 



in regards to covering for URANIUM ONE and the SEC trades leading to the 

attacks. He openly planned the setup and location of nine eleven with the 

aid of BARRICK GOLD which also enabled him to steal trillions. He bragged 

after about how the entire SEC was in his back pocket. He brazenly secured 

trades with PETER MUNK who was a heavy investor in the Sultan. We order 

for offender BANDAR BIN SULTAN to be seized and executed by firing squad 

under laws of war. This will be the final time the Saudi card plays us. 
[Military are tasked to explore options.] 

Next we officially charge JOHN KERRY with the part he played in nine eleven. 

Count 1] We charge that JOHN KERRY has violated 18 U.S.C§ 2381 

ten times just like EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. KERRY helped facilitate 

the illegal trades for BANDAR, BRONFMAN, BUSH and MUNK. These 

trades allowed the nine eleven black-op attacks to carry out 

effortlessly without a hitch. Like all of his fellow liberal 

conspirators, KERRY was aware he was committing capital treason. 

He was threatened to never say a word. Thereby we order a sentence 

of up to thirty-five years in Guantanamo Bay or lethal injection. 

[Military is ordered under Article 50 to explore penalties.] 

https : // 

Next we officially charge PAUL WOLFOWITZ for his part played in the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We officially charge PAUL WOLFOWITZ with breaking 18 U.S.C§ 2381 
nine times with respect to the nine eleven black-op. WOLFOWITZ was 
present at all the meetings with CHENEY, JOHN BRENNAN and SOROS. He 
knew the exact time and date for the attacks and wanted them. We 
thus order his passport seized. The penalty is forty years in 

Guantanamo or instant death by firing squad under laws of war. [Military decides.] 

https : // 
http : // 

Next we officially charge RICHARD PERLE for his part played in the nine eleven attacks. 

- 6 - 

Count 1] We officially charge RICHARD PERLE with breaking 18U.S.C§2381 
eight times on record. He met with BANDAR BIN SULTAN many times, yet 
was unaware they would each be committing treason. Thus we now seize 
his passport. The penalty is fifty years in Guantanamo Bay. [Military decides.] 

https : // 
http :// salem-news . com/articles/january052010/chilcot me.php 

Next we charge JOHN BRENNAN for his role played in the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We officially charge JOHN BRENNAN for breaking 18U.S.C§2381 
for his role in the most heinous attacks in fifty years, along 
with his liberal co-conspirators. BRENNAN had a more minor role 
as the leader of strategy sessions leading up to nine eleven. 

Thus we charge him as an accessory to capital murder. His passport 
is now seized. The penalty is thirty-five years in Guantanamo Bay. 

[Military can choose execution only if directed.] 

http : // ■ html 

Next we charge ROBERT MUELLER for his role played in the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We now have little choice but to charge ROBERT MUELLER 

for breaking 18U.S.C§2381 in his role of covering up nine eleven. He 

was threatened with death if he ever revealed anything. Thus, we 

now seize his passport. The penalty is six years in a super-max prison 

and fifteen years probation to ensure MUELLER never repeats an offense. 
[Military by decree will explore options.] 

Next we charge CONDALEEZA RICE for her minor role played in the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We officially charge CONDALEEZA RICE with breaking 18 U.S.C § 2381 
once in respect to her minor role concerning the nine eleven black-op 
attacks on america. Her passport will now be seized. We assert she has 
already paid a heavy price for involvement. The penalty will thus be up 
to ten years in a super-max prison with a five year minimum sentence. 

This is followed by fifteen years of mandatory probation since we are 
certain the accused played a very small part and will not repeat offenses. 

Next we charge KEVIN SPACEY for his supervisory role in orchestrating the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We see no issue with charging KEVIN SPACEY yet again, this time for 
breaking 18U.S.C§2381 as chief supervisor over much logistics of nine eleven. 


SPACEY traded a massive amount of stock with PETER MUNK, and trading platforms 

owned by SOROS. Looking at his film The Usual Suspects, it is likewise very 
clear he felt it would make a perfect jab to make it appear that ISRAEL was 
the sole instigator of nine eleven. Of course we now know otherwise, as the 
HOUSE OF SAUD is exposed for its crimes worldwide. His passport is now seized. 
The penalty for such serious treason is up to thirty years in Guantanamo 

Bay, or official public execution by a full firing squad. [As in Godfather 3.] 

(The Military will explore which option works best.) 

https :// of 9/ll=dickcheneyStimeline=complete 911 timeline 

Next we charge ZBIGNIEW BRZEZINSKI for his part in orchestrating nine eleven. 

Count 1] Even though BRZEZINSKI is deceased, he violated 18 U.S.CS 2381. 

We now charge BRZEZINSKI openly plotted and hatched the nine eleven 
attacks directly beside DAVID ROCKEFELLER and GEORGE SOROS. For many 
years he worked in secret, plotting the trading platforms that would 
enable the worst atrocities in fifty years to take place. BRZEZINSKI 
knows what he did was the commission of capital treason. Thus we order 
the military to execute BRZEZINSKI by public firing squad using a suitable 

stand-in for this treasonous mastermind. [Military are free to shoot up a test-dummy.] 
Next we charge JOHN ASHCROFT for his part in orchestrating the nine eleven cover-up. 

Count 1] Even though ASHCROFT is deceased, he violated 18 U.S.C § 2381. 

We now charge JOHN ASHCROFT with capital treason. He deliberately closed 

six FBI and federal investigations into nine eleven while alive. He likewise 
hid the alleged money trail for the nine-eleven co-conspirators. As such, we 
order the penalty of public hanging be enacted. A public stand-in for ASHCROFT 
will be created and hung by the neck until dead. [Military is to explore options.] 
Next we charge BARACK OBAMA with high treason for his role in enabling the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We charge BARACK OBAMA openly broke 18 U.S.C § 2381 nine separate times. 
This was in respect to his and his fellow liberal conspirators who covered 
up any investigations from proceeding against the perpetrators, both before 
during and after the initial attacks. In his role as senator, OBAMA actually 
blacked out files and concealed relevant records about PETER MUNK which may 

have brought the perpetrators to justice. He also had a hand in the attacks 

by enabling the criminal actions of EDGAR BRONFMAN SR. We therefore charge 

OBAMA as an accessory to capital murder, and place him into Guantanamo Bay. 
Penalty for such actions is ten years in Guantanamo. [Military explores options.] 

http:/ skeptic/Two party system as poliarchy/crisis of legitimacy.shtml 

Next we officially charge DAVID ROCKEFELLER with being a mastermind of nine eleven. 

Count 1] We hereby charge DAVID ROCKEFELLER with violation 
of 18 U.S.C § 2381 twelve times. ROCKEFELLER is deceased, yet 
committed capital treason under law. As such, he will be 
sentenced to death a second time for his role in assisting 
the illegal SEC trades and black-op jobs leading up to the 
nine-eleven attacks after he had decided the location. The 
penalty is public death by firing squad. The Military is 

ordered to find a suitable stand-in and fire upon them. 

[Military may even shoot up a test dummy to send message.] 

Next we charge BRENT SNOWCROFT for the minor part he played in the cover-up 
of the nine eleven attacks. 
Count 1] We hereby charge BRENT SNOWCROFT for his violation of 
18u.s.c§2381 twice in respect to financing the nine eleven attacks. 

Once, directly through the official channels of the American 

Turkish Council via TURKEY and once via BANDAR BIN SULTAN of 

SAUDI ARABIA. He no doubt felt the funds couldn't be traced, 

and that the audit trail naming ISRAEL as the culprit was 

infallible. He thought wrong, as a money trail leading to 

the Sultan was very obvious and proved there were two hostile 

state actors involved. With the aid of JOHN MCCAIN and EDGAR 

BRONFMAN SR., he then attempted to destroy evidence. That is 

an additional conspiracy offense. The penalty is up to thirty 

years in Guantanamo Bay prison as required. [Military will explore options.] 

Next we charge JOHN MCCAIN for his part in orchestrating the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We hereby charge JOHN MCCAIN for breaking 18U.S.C§2381 twice in respect 
to his criminal actions with BANDAR BIN SULTAN and ISRAEL intelligence. 

MCCAIN openly solicited funds from the disgraced prince, and took bribes 


to assist with the staging of the worst terrorism in fifty years. He 
likewise helped the MADRASSAH and attempted to single out ISRAEL by 
hiding the SAUDI regime's duplicitous role. MCCAIN also commissioned 
many trades with BRONFMAN SR., H.W. BUSH and PETER MUNK the day before 

the worst terrorist attacks in this nation's short history. He will thus 

be sentenced for both roles, when it concerns the URANIUM ONE disaster. 

He is charged once for assisting the transport of the URANIUM isotopes. 

And secondly, he is charged for providing the cover for the URANIUM 

being collected and drawn onto the base of each target so both World Trade 

Centers would explode. He knew the wet teams who were going into the inside 

Of the buildings, and had a very good idea of their relationship to PRINCE 

BANDAR BIN SULTAN who donated to his campaign. The penalty of commissioning 

capital treason is death. We order a sentence against JOHN MCCAIN of either 

up to twenty years in Guantanamo Bay or death by firing squad. 

[Military consorts will explore which option is fastest or serves the most benefit.] of 9/ll : =dickcheney&timeline=complete 911 timeline 
Finally we next charge JAMES BAKER for his minor role in the nine eleven attacks. 

Count 1] We charge JAMES BAKER with breaking 18 U.S.CS 2381 with respect 
to his cover-up of both the financing and the grounds operations 
where it concerns nine eleven. Counsel JAMES BAKER III was formerly 
head legal counsel for H.W. BUSH as well as BRONFMAN for many years. 

He was involved heavily in operational logistics. The penalty is a 
a sentence of up to twenty years in Guantanamo Bay. [Military will explore options.] Damage 911.pdf
 http:/ /theleftchapter.blogspot■com/2015/08/deficit-spending-and-very-odd-week-in.html 

Finally we officially charge HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON for her role in orchestrating
 the nine eleven 
conspiracy under the orders of chief financier GEORGE SOROS. 

Count 1] We charge HILLARY CLINTON with breaking 18U.S.C§2381 on more 
than ten occasions, when it concerns the nine eleven attacks. CLINTON 
sat in on multiple meetings between BRONFMAN and BUSH, where it concerns 
setting up the incident of mass-murder. She also had personal knowledge 
of what GEORGE SOROS was planning to do and took large kickbacks from 
BANDAR BIN SULTAN. As she is already named in other criminal referrals, 
the penalty here will be reduced to a ten year sentence. Military is 


ordered to add the charges on once officially in custody. 

[Military will explore options that include life in Guantanamo Bay with supervised release.] 

It cannot ever be understated the amount of severe national 
consequences; this criminal activity in respect to URANIUM 
ONE has had on national public interests. In this regard, 
we admonish the actions of GEORGE SOROS and his many 
conspirators living or deceased on the record. Capital 
treason is a very serious offense, especially when it 
pertains to the public transmission and use of URANIUM 
on American land as well as water reserves. It is likewise 
even worse, when said URANIUM is publicly used for the 
execution of one of the most severe black-op attacks 
against Americans in the nation's history. As such we 
again state for the record, the seriousness of these 
grave crimes will require massive deliberations. And one 
more conspirator in question is to be denounced in all 
court rooms of record until the very last trial is held. 

He is known by the initials S.C.D., who forever shall go 
down in infamy as one of if not the most rotten sod to ever 
live. His public works are only as brazen as those cigars 
he smokes under the byzantine sun. As agreed upon, his name 
or any privileged private details will remain undisclosed. 

These are the small prices that are always paid in the 
interest of ensuring proper justice in due course, against 
any of the sadist's minions who illegally mined URANIUM. To 
avoid further civil wars, we will keep any other first-hand 
knowledge regarding their operations a voluntary secret. Yet 
let it be known that on this day America arose and struck back. 

A nation will suffer by its fools, but will not ever survive treason 
from within. Indeed the people know the truth is out there. 



Robert Blair, Thomas Deegan, Jeremy Lowe, Peter Ostrowski, Don Bailey, Stephen 
Duane Curry I CRIMINAL 

v. : : 99-9920 




(Cheney, Brennan et. all with prejudice) 

Concerning conspiracy to enact treason with a public Black-Op 
Attack on the united states, to include the twin towers 
stationed in New York City on September 11, 2001[9/11]. 

[to include: Conspiracy to enact an act of treason on nine-eleven.] 

[in accordance with 18 U.S.C § 2381 , the crime of capital treason.] 

**Those who are deceased will have subpoenas served retroactively post mortem
 against all their properties. 

AND NOW, on this day of December 22, 2017 during the fall season, it is hereby 
ordered that the defendants 
be charged with treason against the united states for the national black-op 
attacks on America occurring 
date of September 11, 2001. All penalties are measured by severity and 
resolve of listed offenses. 

In addition, it is so ordered that a subpoena be issued upon 


KEVIN SPACEY and HILLARY RODHAM CLINTON to produce all documents related to Uranium One 
and the September 11 th black-op attacks which prove relevant. All materials will be 
collected by local militia pursuant to chapter or state on all named conspirators as well 
as any publicly known accomplices under force of arms. As stated under the rules of 
military law in Article 50, this order stands binding to conduct swift service. 



be hit with offenses for violating 18 U.S.C § 2381 on record a minimum of ten times. This as 
your honors will note, is original state law U.S.C code with RICO charges enforced. They are 
to be seized with due course then placed in cells until trial. 

For all of these astonishing crimes of treason, national Private Attorney Generals
 will have a field day 
making each offense stick with penalties. In addition, they will be required to
 testify on record. 

1) It is further ordered that Defendant GEORGE W. BUSH's motion to subpoena records 
or quash; to be DENIED. 

2) It is further ordered that Defendant RICHARD CHENEY's motion to subpoena records or 
have subpoenas quashed; is likewise DENIED. 

3) It is further ordered that Defendant GEORGE SOROS's motion to subpoena records
 for discovery; be DENIED. 

4) It is further ordered that Defendant ROBERT MUELLER'S motion to subpoena records
 or quash; be DENIED. 

5) It is further ordered that Defendant EDGAR BRONFMAN SR's motion to subpoena records
 or quash; be DENIED. 

6) It is further ordered that BARACK OBAMA's motion to subpoena records or quash; be DENIED. 

7) It is further ordered that Defendant and accused party KEVIN SPACEY's motion to 
subpoena records or quash; 


8) It is further ordered that Defendant BANDAR BIN SULTAN's motion to subpoena 
records or quash; be DENIED. 

9) It is further ordered that Defendant GEORGE H.W. BUSH's motion to subpoena
 records or to quash; be 

retroactively DENIED. 

10) It is further ordered that Defendant PETER MUNK's motion to subpoena
 records or to quash; be retroactively 


11) It is further ordered that Defendant HILLARY CLINTON'S motion to subpoena
 records or quash; be DENIED. 

12) It is further ordered that Defendant JAMES BAKER'S motion to subpoena records 
or to quash; be DENIED. 

13) It is further ordered that Defendant JOHN MCCAIN's motion to subpoena records 
for discovery or to quash; be 

retroactively DENIED. 

14) It is further ordered that Defendant JOHN KERRY'S motion to subpoena records
 or to quash subpoena; be 
retroactively DENIED. 

15) It is further ordered that Defendant BRENT SNOWCROFT's motion to subpoena records
 or quash; be DENIED. 

16) It is further ordered that Defendant RICHARD PERLE's motion to subpoena records 
or to quash; be DENIED. 

17) It is further ordered that Defendant PAUL WOLFOWITZ's motion to subpoena records 
to quash; be retroactively 


18) It Is further ordered that Defendant JOHN BRENNAN'S motion to subpoena records
 for Discovery; be 
retroactively DENIED. 

19) It is further ordered, that according to Marbury V. Madison: any required 
subpoenas on each defendant will 
be enforced by force of law and arms. All able bodies and governing council. 
National Sate Counsel, Private 
Attorney General designates or authorized militia will enforce the orders. 



This Court's December, 2017 Amended Scheduling Order is 
amended as follows: 

(a) All discovery shall be completed on or before February 10, 2018 and all 
dispositive motions filed not later than two (2) weeks prior to the close of discovery 
and (b) All other deadlines will be deferred by ninety (90) days from the date of 
issuance in this Order. 






Rahaeliitin tavoitteista kerrotaan dokumentoidusti dokumenttielokuvassa Thrive (2011). 80 miljoonaa katsojaa (15M englanniksi) 27 kielellä:



Ystävästämme Robert "CI-A-Nobel" Steelestä tässä.

QAnon = Trump&Co

Päivitettyjä uutisia sivustollamme




Q tänään: Deep state yritti ampua alas Trumpin lentokoneen  - Olisi syyttänyt Pohjois-Koreaa ja aloittanut sodan

Fox News: Trump sanoo hän julistaa maahan hätätilan tänään muurikriisin vuoksi (puheen min. 11:03) "Laittomat maahanmuuttajat murhaavat lapsiamme, eikä media uutisoi  niistä ... Israelin muuri toimii 99.9 prosenttisesti ... Kiinassa huumeiden salakuljettajia odottaa kuolemantuomio, mekin voisimme ratkaista huumeongelmamme [samalla lailla]" - Q postasi juuri tämän 

Robotit tulevat: BMW esitteli itseohjautuvaa moottoripyörää Las Vegasissa


Robert Steele: Trumpin "koulutodistus" päivitetty

Robert Steele: Understanding Donald Trump and the White House – A Few Books

Robert Steele: The Power of Israel in the United States — True Then, True Now

Robert Steele: The Russia Hoax Comes Apart at the Seams (Video, 1:59:18)

Robert Steele: 1947 The Year That Fucked America Up!

Robert Steele: Kleptocracy in America

Robert Steele: Lloyds of London [insurance company] Fears EMF 5G – EXCLUDES Coverage! — Electromagnetic Pollution Will Kill You, NOT COVERED BY INSURANCE — Sierra Club Opposes

Robert Steele: Book review: In the Shadows of a Presidency by Daniel Estulin


Q postasi juuri Finland loves Q -kuvan allekirjoittaneesta Helsingissä:

Ekman: Venäjä-vehkeily levy pyörii

Robert Seele: Q Map with Videos UPDATE Simplied Top Level View

Robert Steele: Näin sionistien kontrolloima FEMA (kriisienhallintaviranomainen) ja muut tekevät nyt tietokoneella uhreja ja todistajia feikkejä terrori-iskujaan varten

Robert Steele: Rotavirus Vaccine Case Study of CDC and FDA Corruption (Toim: Rotateq annataan Suomessakin vauvoille. Lisää rokotehuijauksesta sivullamme

Robert Steele: Twitter Deletes 2,000 Pro-Venezuelan Accounts

Robert Steele: Congress Demands War in Afghanistan Continue So They Can Keep Getting Their Kick-Backs (Bribes) from the US Deep State Military-Industrial Complex

Robert Steele: The Truth About Venezuela (Toim: Robert oli CI-A:ssa ollessaan töissä mm. Venezuelassa)

Robert Steele: Juuri julkistettu (osittainen) lista USA:n viranomaisten salaisista projekteista on mielenkiintoista luettavaa (What's the common theme? For one thing, space, and its manipulation at all levels ... UFOs, 5G and its biological effects, microwave weapons, California fires and pulverized trade center buildings on 9/11... it all seems to be here..)

Robert Steele: Logic & Non-Logic in Education

Robert Steele: Senator Patrick Colbeck: 5G Will F**k You Up!

Robert Steele: (Zionist) Israel’s Story – Lies from Top to Bottom

Robert Steele: Ban All Collection of User Data – This Heals the Internet

Robert Steele: There is without doubt a $2 trillion secret space program combined with Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMB) that has not been briefed to the Director of DIA


Q:n tuoreet postaukset analysoituna ("Se miltä asiat näyttävät on tärkeää"): Q thread for February 9, 2019: Optics Are Important


Robert Steele videolla: Yhdysvallat on jo eroamassa Natosta - Trumpin neuvonantajan, sionisti John Boltonin väitetään olevan raiskaaja ja pedofiili - Kaikkia kongressin jäseniä lahjotaan ja kiristetään (Otteita videolta etusivullamme keskisarakkeessa)


Senate Investigating Mueller FBI's Prosecution Of "Orgy Island Billionaire" Jeffrey Epstein 

Coca-Cola, Ford and Xerox: We No Longer Donate to Planned Parenthood Abortion Business

Trump picks World Bank critic Malpass to lead institution

Italy's Salvini to Trump: “I can be your closest ally on the European continent”

Another Trump Miracle: US Predicted to Drill More Oil Than Saudi Arabia and Russia Combined by 2025!

Massachusetts Is Latest Liberal State to Approve Abortion Up to Birth of Baby

FINALLY! Senate Intel Chairman Admits, ‘We Don’t Have Anything’ to Prove Trump-Russia Collusion

TECH TYRANNY: Twitter Bans Natural News Accounts, Laura Loomer Banned by Paypal — Covington Child Abusers Still Have Accounts

Worker wage gains just broke 3% for the first time in more than 10 years

Pentagon space agency poised to ignite turf wars

'Tsunami' of meth worth £1bn seized in record-breaking operation


Defense official: Pentagon can build parts of wall without Trump emergency declaration


Q - Dark to Light:

Robert Steele: CI-A:n MKUltra - Vakoojat akateemikkojen vaatteissa Lisää mielenhallinnasta sivullamme tässä

Kouluissa lisääntyvät kurssit raamatun ymmärtämiseksi

Trump: Ennätyspakkasia osissa Yhdysvaltoja. Mitä tapahtui ilmaston lämpenemiselle? Tule takaisin!

From Zerohedge:

-"5,000 Troops To Colombia" To Quell Venezuela Crisis? John Bolton Flashes Notepad Contents At Briefing

-John Bolton Openly Admits He Wants Maduro Out, American Oil Companies In

-Half Of German Army Recruits 'Unfit For Service' (Toim: Yhdysvalloissa 70%)

-Massachusetts AG: Family Behind Oxycontin Is Responsible For Opioid Epidemic

-[Kalifornian maastopalojen sytyttämisestä syytetty] PG&E To File Bankruptcy Within Hours; Joins Lehman And WorldCom In Tragic Ranking

-"Surveillance Capitalism": Google Sister Company To Package And Sell Location Data From Millions Of Cellphones

-Trump Scores Major Victory As "Delinquent" NATO Members Boost Contributions By $100 Billion

-If Lying To Congress Is An Enforceable Crime, We're Gonna Need More Jails...



FED BOMBSHELL: Fusion GPS Bribed Dozens of MSM Journalists With Cash, While News Companies Paid Firm to Dig Dirt on Trump

Robert Steele on government shutdown:

"... The President very cleverly arranged ... interest-free cash advances to every government person ...  most Americans live completely apart from the widely disrespected U.S. federal government ... once the shutdown goes past 30 days, as it has, the President has the authority to [reduce] the size and budget of the federal government by no less than ten percent and perhaps as much as twenty percent ... I believe the government shutdown will end shortly. The Government is demonstrably 50% waste."


"Trump knew that Dems wouldn't agree to fund the wall. That's why he planned to have the military build it. Ending the shutdown (and restarting it when Dems refuse to negotiate) will expose them as liars and put the blame squarely on them."


"Who has access to everything classified? Do you believe HRC, Soros, Obama etc have more power than Trump? Fantasy. Whoever controls the office of the Presidecy controls this great land. ~ Q"


We've been expecting this. Contingency plans in place. We will not be silenced. YouTube to recommend fewer "conspiracy theory" videos

British Newspaper Publishes Massive Apology to Melania Trump; Will Pay First Lady ‘Substantial Damages’ and Legal Costs


YK:n loppu on lähellä: Lakialoite Yhdysvalloissa YK:sta eroamiseksi Lisää huijausorganisaatio YK:sta sivullamme tässä

Senior WHO official accused of using Ebola cash to pay for girlfriend's flight

Ben Fulford: "A report last week by the Institute of International Finance shows that the Babylonian debt slavery system has put a 318% debt-to-GPD burden of $244 trillion on humanity. All of this while 46% of the world’s people live on less than $5.50 a day, and the richest 6 people own as much as the poorest 50%." Linkit tässä ja tässä.

Ben jatkaa: "while the super-rich steal from the rest of us, the poorest of the poor are forced to steal from nature, resulting in what is becoming the worst extinction event in the history of this planet." (Linkki)

Senate Passes Stopgap Funding Bill To End Government Shutdown

Facebook Ripped Off Game-Playing Kids And Their Parents In Multi-Year "Friendly Fraud" Scheme

EU Adds Saudis To Terror-Funding List (As Iran-Sanction-Evading SPV Reaches "Advanced Stage")


Robert Steele: Video: Trump tekee suuria asioita Israelille (Toim: Q:n mukaan Israel "puhdistetaan" viimeisenä. Pistää miettimään.)

Robert Steele: Israel omistaa Yhdysvaltojen kongressin

Robert Steele: Israelia syytetään uskottavasti Yhdysvaltojen sotilaiden tappamisesta Syyriassa - Oliko tuon valehyökkäyksen tarkoitus saada Trump pysymään Syyriassa?

Clinton's 2016 Strategy Revealed: Overwhelm FBI With Trump-Russia Narrative Until Something Stuck

White House Drafting National Emergency Proclamation To Include $7B For Border Wall

Facebook Slides After Report Claims 50% Of Its Users Are Fake

5 Reasons Why The US-Led Crusade Against Venezuela May Fail


Ystävämme Robert Steele Tehran Timesin haastattelussa: Kumpi voittaa Yhdysvalloissa, Trump vai Pelosi? Estettiinkö vallankaappaus?

Headlines from Zerohedge:

-Millions Of Secret Bank Docs Leak Online After Mishap

-Inside The FBI's 'Police State' Operation Against Trump

-"I Can't Say I'm Sorry" Says Covington MAGA Hat Teen; "Vietnam Vet" Indian Outed As Fridge-Fixer

-US Refuses To Withdraw Diplomats From Venezuela, "Will Take Appropriate Actions" If Harmed

-Mainstream Media Is Literally Making People Sick

BuzzFeed To Lay Off 15% Of Its Workforce


Zero Hedge: John McAfee “They Will Not Silence Me” – On the Run, Running for President, Fighting Tax Evasion Problems

Video: Brother Nathanael: Has Trump Fired Bolton Yet?

US Congress Owned by Israel

Is the Deep State Now Murdering Young Successful White Men? Dozens of college-age men dead from ‘accidental’ drownings—but a team of retired detectives say the boys were drugged and killed by a shadowy gang with a sinister symbol.


[Robertinkin suosittelema] X22 Report: Taasko yksi yritys murhata Trump? (kohdassa 26:13)

Fox "vahingossa": Korkeimman oikeuden tuomari RBG on kuollut

Sather update: 20/1 Border Announcement / Bush's Pizza / GMOs / Vaccines / Govt. UFO Program / CERN

The New Yorker: Ovatko avaruusoliot löytäneet meidät? [Syvän valtion yliopiston] Harvardin astronomin haastattelu
Oma sivumme ufoista tässä.

The U.S. Secretly Funded Research on UFOs, Wormholes, and Warp Drives

Video ("keltaliivihaastattelu"): Dustin Nemos & Roman Light YellowVest RIC Movement: France To Discuss YellowVest Updates WW (world wide)

2017: Järkyttävä totuus FB-sensuurista: Modet valittiin poliittisin perustein tavoitteena vaikuttaa vaalien lopputulokseen

[Ylen Nato-trollista] Jessikka Arosta jätetty rikosilmoitus poliisille Lue lisää Natosta: Donald Trump: Haluan ulos Natosta New York Times: Trump puhui Natosta eroamisesta

Twitteristä poimittua:

"Hesarin journot tekee taas työtänsä. Vanha intiaaniäijä änkee väkisin nuorten sekaan hakkaamaan rumpua 15-vuotiaan korvanjuureen. Tämä on todiste rasismista? Valeuutiset sen kun sakenee." (Toim: Hesarin valeuutinen tässä.)


6 Zerohedge headlines:

-The 'Gilets Jaunes' Are Unstoppable: "Now, The Elites Are Afraid"

-Death Of Russiagate? Mueller Team Tied To Mifsud's Network

-The Fetishization Of The Corporate Media

-Beyond BuzzFeed: The 10 Worst, Most Embarrassing US Media Failures On The Trump/Russia Story

-Shocking Admission By FBI Veteran Shows Why The FBI Shouldn't Exist

-Federal Reserve Confesses Sole Responsibility For All Recessions


Round-Up kiellettiin Ranskassa Bayer-Monsanton lisenssi peruttiin

Brasilian presidentti [Trump]: "Tulemme nostamaan Brasilian koulujärjestelmän laatua mm. taistelemalla kouluissa jaettavaa marxismista roskaa vastaan."

Kauppalehti 2017: Tutkijat varoittavat: 5G verkko on terveysriski, EU:n lykättävä rakentamista (Toim: Yhdysvalloissa 5G toimii jo monissa kaupungeissa)

Edge of wonder on julkaissut kaksi hyvin dokumentoitua videota koskien ilmastonmuokkausta:



Päivän kuva: Jordan Satherin postaama kuva: Mitä viranomaisilla Yhdysvalloissa on vastassa? Ryhmiä kansainvälisiä rikollisorganisaatioita, joiden prosessoiminen kestää todella kauan. Ja kun olet saamassa 100 miljoonaa ihmistä todella vihaiseksi, on tärkeää varmistaa valtioiden stabiliteetti.


Toimitus: Keitä vastaan taistelemme? Muistatko Trumpin tavoitteet?


Keltaliiviliike on nyt globaali

Lisää valtamedian valheita Yhdysvalloissa - Vuorossa ovat katoliset lapset ja alkuperäisasukkaat

Israel ilmoitti Syyriaan tekemistään pommituksista - Syyria vastasi omillaan

"Heidän tavoitteensa on tehdä meistä automaattisia" - Tervetuloa vakoilukapitalismin aikaan Kapitalisin seuraava etappi: Käyttää hyväksi meitä vakoilemalla saatua tietoa meidän käyttäytymisemme ennustamisessa

Judge unseals trove of internal Facebook documents following our legal action (FB "käytti lapsia hyväkseen")


Robert Steele: Donald Trump: Haluan ulos Natosta

New York Times: Trump puhui Natosta eroamisesta

Tutkimus: Alle kolmasosa suomalaisista pitää mediaa luotettavana instituutiona

This Is The Reason Smart TVs Are So Cheap As Baxter put it: "It's not just about data collection. It's about post-purchase monetization of the TV."

Will Globalists Sacrifice The Dollar To Get Their 'New World Order'?

Smithsonian Map Shows US Military Operating In Over 40% Of World's Countries

US, North Korea Choose Vietnam As Location For Second Summit

The Definitive List Of US/UK Media "Russiagate" Fake Stories


5G ja syöpä - Tutki aihetta, niin saamme 5G:n pysäytettyä siksi aikaa, kun sen turvallisuus (tai turvallisuuden puute) oikeasti tutkitaan:


Yli 20.000 tutkimusta, jotka osoittavat kännykkä- ja wifisäteilyn vahingollisuuden kaikille eläville olennoille:

YK:n pääsihteeri: "Olen huolissani, koska asensin wifin kotiini ... En tiennyt niiden vaaroista." (6:17)"

Lääkäri todistaa 5G kuulemistilaisuudessa (14:49):

Sivumme 5G:stä tässä.

Trump trollasi supereliittiä jälleen - Kirjoitti hamburgerin hamberderinä:

Berder on sanakirjan mukaan paholaistakin pahempi.

Hillary satanistien risti kaulassaan:

Saatananpalvoja Obama asussaan:

Lisää saatananpalvojista:

Lue myös: Hillary Clinton liittyi kansainväliseen noitakerhoon – eikä enää edes yritä salata harrastustaan!

Lisää Hillaryn kepposista tässä.


USA:n sotilaat tapettiin "sopivalla" hetkellä Syyriassa Kuka hyötyi siitä? Näyttää siltä, että tarkoituksena oli lähettää poliittinen viesti Trumpille ("Älä lopeta sotimista sillä me tienaamme rahaa sillä")

Muellerin toimisto vahvistaa: Buzzfeedin Trump-Cohen -tarina oli valeuutinen

Tarvitsemme lisää maahanmuuttajia seuraamaan robottien työntekoa! (Not):

Yhdysvalloissa robotteja 500 kauppaan

Ja: Katso kuinka robottikoira vie paketin perille

Nuorta verta 8,000 dollarilla

Facebookin osakkeet putoavat - Ennätyssakko tulossa

Facebook sensuroi jo puhetta työpaikoilla

Suomi ei ole demokraattisten maiden kärkeä - USA #25

Trump To Make "Major Announcement" On Border & Shutdown saturday 3pm

Army Struggles To Reach Generation Z, Tries Recruiting At Video Game Tournaments

Q Anon Salaliittoteoria – mistä on oikein kysymys?


White House today:

U.S. Could Soon Pump More Crude Than Saudis Can at Their Peak (Toim: Maassa olevalle öljylle ei pian ole paljon käyttöä)

Issues w/ the following article 1) No documentary evidence for supposed directive is provided 2) BuzzFeed sources are all 100% anonymous 3) Michael Cohen is a serial liar 4) It is not illegal to do business in Russia 5) Moscow Trump Tower project never got off the ground:

President Trump Directed His Attorney To Lie To Congress About The Moscow Tower Project

The 5th U.S. Court of Appeals lifted an injunction Thursday, clearing the way for Texas to strip Planned Parenthood of Medicaid funds.

Think the wall might hurt Trump's popularity among Latinos? Turns out his popularity among that demographic jumped 19 points from December to January.

Everyone of consequence at the FBI & DOJ knew the investigation of Donald Trump was based on disinformation from Hillary's campaign. They've gone to extraordinary lengths to muddy these details, with cover from Democrat politicians & friendly journalists.


USA:n edustajainhuoneen "puhenainen" Pelosi ei kutsunut Trumpia pitämään kuuluisaksi tullutta SOTU-puhetta. Seuraavana päivänä Trump perui Pelosin "maailmankiertueen" hetkeä ennen ilmavoimien lentokoneen lähtöä:  "Due to the Shutdown, I am sorry to inform you that your trip to Brussels, Egypt, and Afghanistan has been postponed ... Voit tietysti lentää "turistina", jos haluat."

Trump: There are now 77 major or significant Walls built around the world, with 45 countries planning or building Walls. Over 800 miles of Walls have been built in Europe since only 2015. They have all been recognized as close to 100% successful

For the first time in a generation, we have a president who is beginning to tell the truth about the crisis on the border.

Prior to 2018, unemployment has only been below 4% 5 times since 1970 Under Donald Trump, in 2018, unemployment dipped below 4% 7 TIMES—in ONE year! What exactly are the Democrats resisting?


BOMBSHELL: Hillary Clinton ran weapons into Libya for the Obama administration, while Michael Flynn was targeted because he knew the details

Thousands of federal employees will be required to continue working without pay during the government shutdown, a Washington federal judge ruled today, denying an emergency request claiming the Trump administration was violating federal law.

Muurin kannatus kasvaa: ABC/WaPo Poll: Support for Border Wall Soars Among Swing Voters

Kiitos Hillary: Witnesses: Men in police garb massacred civilians in Haiti


Päivän kuva: 70% vasemmistosta ei halua rauhaa Koreaan, ettei Trump vaan "näytä hyvältä"


Studiossa Cranker 10.1.2019 - BlokkiMedia

Robert Steele: US Embassy Baghdad — CIA’s New Global Smuggling Headquarters?

Robert Steele: A Majority of Americans Do Not Believe the Official 9/11 Story

Robert Steele: Covert British Military Intelligence False Flag Fake News Smear and Disinformation Machine Moving Into USA

The Shutdown Is Providing Evidence Of Private Businesses Making Government Obsolete

Fake News? How About No News?

Spygate: The True Story of Collusion [Infographic] How America’s most powerful agencies were weaponized against President Donald Trump

POTUS directed the Army Corps of Engineers to look at ways to fund and build the southern border wall

During Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, Q posted a link to a video where Nancy Pelosi explained to the press how politicians need their help to smear their mutual enemies.


Miksi emme kuule supereliitin rikoksista? Miksi ilmiantajia on niin vähän?

Supereliitti ("teollisuus") pakottaa työntekijänsä usein allekirjoittamaan salassapitosopimuksen, jonka rikkomisesta joutuu jopa vankilaan.

Ent. CI-A Kevin Shipp: "Salassapitosopimuksesta on tullut hirviö"


Trump: Drug prices declined in 2018, the first time in nearly half a century.

Trump: .@CNN called a San Diego news station (@KUSINews) for negative reports on the Wall. When the station said that Walls work, CNN no longer had interest. #FakeNews

During Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation hearing, Q posted a link to a video where Nancy Pelosi explained to the press how politicians need their help to smear their mutual enemies.

Thread: On the Democrats Weaponizing Federal Agencies – Including the IRS!

Turkey finishes construction of 764-km security wall on Syria border (Walls work)

2019 brings changes to military justice system


Televisiokanava Yhdysvalloissa väärensi Trumpin toissapäiväisen puheen!

Kuten eilen uutisoimme, RBG tod.näk. eroaa: Trump White House urging allies to prepare for possible RBG departure


Se on alkanut-Sotaoikeudenkäynnit joiden vertaista ei ole vielä koskaan ollut

Salaliittoteoriat: QAnon – mistä on kyse?

Salaistakin salaisempi -”Totuus on tuolla ulkona”

Robert Steele: #GoogleGestapo – How Can I Remove Google From My Life? "Google is a dead man walking"

Controversial Treatment Transfuses Patients With ‘Young Blood’ From Teenagers To Reverse Aging Process

China's Mind-Blowing Weather Modification, Geoengineering, & ELF Transmitter Projects!

MAGA: First Real US Household Income Gain Since 2000

Muutama lainaus nimimerkiltä Praying Medic:

Q suggests mind control programs, though officially discontinued, are continuing under an offshore agency with covert funding. Lue myös:

FVEY spying activity has spread to include surveillance and information sharing on nations like China.

Pushers of fear porn insist nothing is happening but leaders like Theresa May, Emanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are systematically being removed from power.

Q dropped a long post that I broke into 2 parts The CI_A circumvents constitutional prohibitions on surveillance and FISA restrictions by utilizing the FVEY agencies to conduct surveillance.

It seems China located & killed CI_A assets with the intel they bought from Hillary. (The claim that they located agents via their Google communications is likely a cover story.)

Q posted a link to this article that explores the CI_A's spying on the Senate.

Q Asked: "No punishment [Brennan] by HUSSEIN ADMIN re: SURV of Senate etc? Logical thinking, why?" Answer: Because the CI_A ran the government for the last 60 years.

Snowden was originally hired and trained by the CI_A before becoming an NSA contractor. (Toim: Snowden tod.näk. meni NSA:lle töihin tarkoituksenaan "tuhota" NSA [vuodoillaan] että CI-A saisi lisää valtaa)

Snowden flew to Hong Kong (with the help of CI_A). The official story was that he was going to fly to Ecuador or Venezuela but he ended up "stranded" in Russia. Russia was his final destination from the beginning.

The CI_A is believed to use blackmail to hold power over influential people in what is known as Operation Brownstone

Dozens of people with intelligence backgrounds (including CI_A) have run for Congress. Some (not all) have stated that their goal is to oppose the plans of our duly elected president.

Dershowitz did travel on the Lolita express. The flight log shows it was on the 17th day of November. But unlike other people, Dersh had a legitimate reason. He was one of Epstein's attorneys and he didn't actually fly to Little S. James Island.

If this article is true, then someone is wasting time and energy trying to get rid of evidence because Q has everything [Toim: NSA:lla on kaikki tieto meistä kaikista]: Massive Fire Spotted On Private Island Owned By [pedophile] Billionaire Jeffrey Epstein



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